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VoiceTone Harmony-M

Vocal Harmony & Effects for Keyboardists

Are you looking to turn heads at every gig and rehearsal with your singing? You will with VoiceTone Harmony-M, the smartest vocal harmony and effects device you’re likely to plug your mic and MIDI keyboard into. Harmony-M simultaneously gives you two backup harmony singers and realistic vocal doubling with effortless MIDI control. Also included are the live engineer effects that automatically optimize your vocals with adaptive compression, EQ and de-essing. And all of this feeds into rich reverb and delay processors. While you focus on your music, Harmony-M backs you up with fully produced vocal sound.

Take Control of Your Sound

Feel like you’re wrestling with others over your sound? From the moment you plug your mic into VoiceTone Harmony-M, you’re in control of the tone and effects on your voice. Harmony arrangement
algorithms follow your playing and singing to provide musically correct harmony. With the straightforward controls it’s easy to step through presets and switch between A/B user settings.

Enjoy Complete Quality

Quality can be witnessed in every aspect of VoiceTone design. Studio caliber audio algorithms, transparent converters and fastidious analog audio design lead to a smooth sound that makes you want to sing your best while your fans get, well, fanatic. It just wouldn’t be enough to make products that sound this good without making sure they stand up to the rough treatment they’re going to get onstage or kicking around a rehearsal room floor.

Harmony-M Features

- Two voice 4th generation intelligent harmony
- Separate Double effect using overdub algorithm
- Tone switch engages adaptive Live Engineer Effects
- 6 factory reverb/delay combinations for rich vocals
- 10 presets each with A/B location
- Harmony Arrangement algorithm listens to MIDI input and voice to follow your music
- Flexible harmony voicing including unique bass setting
- Includes classic ”Notes” and ”Chord” harmony control modes
- 1⁄4” TRS mic level I/O in stereo or mono
- Clean, studio quality mic preamp with phantom power
- MIDI input
- Input for optional footswitch allows Harmony-M placement on keyboard

Technical Specifications

- Mic Connector: Balanced XLR, Input Impedance 1kOhm
- Mic Input Sensitivity @ 0dBFS -44dBu to +2dBu
- Mic Input Sensitivity @ 12dB headroom -56dBu to -10dBu
- EIN -126dBu @ max. mic amp gain, Rg = 150 Ohm
- MIDI In Connector: Standard 5 pin DIN
- Footswitch In: 1/4” 3 conductor phone jack
- Power Input: 12 VDC 300 mA, tip negative

Analog Outputs
- Main Output Connectors: Balanced TRS 1/4” jacks
- Output Impedance: 40 Ohm
- Output Level: +14 dBu @ 0dBFS

Input to Output Analog Audio Performance

Dynamic Range, Mic. @ Min gain >108dB, 20 Hz - 20kHz *A-weighted
Dynamic Range, Mic. @ -18dBu sensitivity > 104dB, 20hz - 20kHz*
THD+ Noise, Mic. @ Min gain <-90dB
Frequency Response, max gain -1.5dB @ 40 Hz, +0/-0.3 dB (200Hz to 20 kHz)

Conversion Characteristics
Sample Rate 48 kHz, Converter AKM AK4620B
AD / DA Conversion 24 bit, 128x oversampling bitstream

EMC & Safety
Complies with EN 55103-1 and EN 55103-2 FCC part 15, Class B, CISPR 22, Class B
Certified to IEC 65, EN 60065, UL6500 and CSA E60065 CSA FILE #LR108093

Operating Temperature 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
Storage Temperature -22° F to 167° F (-30° C to 70° C)
Humidity Max. 90 % non-condensing

Dimensions 130mm x 132mm x 41mm (5" x 5.25" x 1.5")
Weight 1.5 lb. (0.72 kg)
Warranty Parts and labor 1 year

VoiceTone Harmony-M inputs


What is VoiceTone Harmony-M?
VoiceTone Harmony-M is a vocal harmony & effects pedal for singing keyboard players that analyzes the voice and MIDI input to produce musically correct, tight harmonies as well as effects and dynamics for a complete vocal sound.

Who is VoiceTone Harmony-M for?
Harmony-M is for the MIDI keyboard player who sings. Performers using intelligent arrangers or players who simply play digital piano patches will appreciate generating natural harmonies while playing as creatively as they would like.

What are the main features?
- Intelligent arrangement of 2-harmony voices based on MIDI and voice input
- Complete vocal path including harmony, reverb/delay, Adaptive EQ/Dynamics, and Doubling
- Professional quality with no-worry user interface

What will VoiceTone Harmony-M do for a singer?
When a singing keyboardist adds Harmony-M to their set, they will be able to showcase a fully produced vocal sound. The musician can get this without having to worry about programming or mixing. However, they do get real-time access to presets and customizable A and B settings so they can build creative changes into their songs.

What makes the VoiceTone form factor great for a keyboard player?
The VoiceTone form factor is great for keyboard players because it offers two different placement options. The standard placement is on the floor where the two footswitches can be accessed. However, if the keyboard player wants the user interface at their fingertips, Harmony-M can be placed on the keyboard and the optional Switch-3 (3 footswitch floor accessory) can be added on the floor to control harmony muting and preset changes.

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